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Grow your future with a GREENHOUSE!!  Why grow only during the summer? From Entry Level Houses to Fantastic Commercial Steups including : Light Depravation,  Greenhouse Cover's, Blackout Covers, Schaefer Equipment, start up Consultations, Installations and Bulk Organic Nutrients!  Greenhouse kits greenhouse sales

Commercial and Residentual Greenhouses and Grow Equipment!

Slip Tube Technology Greenhouses

 A Slip Tube quality greenhouse has a positive impact on your plants’  development, providing protection in a controlled environment. These  out standing Gothic Houses are affordable and come with some Grow Equipment! A 30x100x15' with full light Dep. and Grow Equipment is $$36,850.00! Shipping not included. Manual LTD 30x100 x15 are $33,000.00 and a Regular Non-Light Dep same size is $26,000.00! just call today for more information!


  • Strong frames.
  • Pre-galvanized tubing.
  • Excellent corrosion-resistance.    
  • Height: 8’ to 20’
  • Width: 10’ to 34’ in 2’ increments. 
  • Length: Any.
  • Various sizes/styles, round and gothic roof shapes.
  • Slip-on connectors simplify installation.
  • Designed to withstand snow buildup and tailored specifically for Vancouver and Langley expected snow loads

Our Gothic Greenhouse! Best House on the market for the price!

Our Classic Gothic House!  Best priced Greenhouses on the market. 30x100x17 Regular house with full truss system for $14,500.00 and a Manual Light Dep. 30x100x17 with full truss is only $22,500.00  (not including installation, shipping or grow equipment)... These kits come with Light Dep. or not. Standard Rollup walls at 8ft., 6 mill re-enforced plastic, front door and manual or automatic controls. 

These houses are 4' on center, coded for Oregon! Any size! Call today for a quote! Steal Prices change daily...prices subject to change with out notice!

Fantastic Gothic Slip Tube Greenhouse!

These are beautiful greenhouses! A 30x100x15 Manual kit Light Dep with some Grow Equipment is only $33,500.00 ..or you can order Auto LTD or a Regular Greenhouse kit 30x100 (NON LTD)...for $26,000.00 For more info... give us a call for a current Quote!

Steal price is rising daily....Greenhouse prices subject to change with out Notice!

Services offered: Retro-Fit Light Depravation Kit Installation, Greenhouse Repairs, Problem Solving, Install Grow Equipment, End walls ect.....

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