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Gothic House 30x100x18 Light Dep. for $17,775!

 Our Gothic Greenhouse with or with out Light Dep. Our Best Gothic House for the Price!

Made with 2-3/8 structural steal and 4 foot on center with 8'11" rollup walls! This house includes 10 mill. re-enforced plastic, 10 mill black out plastic, front door, all hoops, purlings and a full truss system with manual Light Dep. A fantastic house for the price!

Best Price on Greenhouse Plastic!

We have Top of the line Plastics from a 35 year leading worldwide supplier here in Oregon!  Our liners and covers range in thickness from 8 mill to 40 mill and are the strongest and most cost effective liners and covers available in our industry today! Woven Clear covers, Black Out Plastic, Netting, Shade Cloth and more!

Blackout Greenhouse Cover...any size .24 cent per sq. ft.

Clear Woven Cover...any size.. .22 cent a sq.ft......PLUS SHIPPING!

Grow Equipment!

Exhaust Fans, Light Traps, Shutters, SCHAEFER Products and more!!

Classic Hoop Greenhouse Light Dep.

Our Classic Straight wall, Gothic or Hoop Greenhouses are the best on the market for the price...Automated or Manual Light Dep. Or choose a regular kit...4 foot on center and coded for Oregon! 20 to 35 Wide and to 100' long!  20x100x10 Manual Light Dep with full truss Greenhouse kit is $12,000.00.

Southern Oregon Greenhouses has professional  Consultations: Land use, Water Rights, Grow site Consults, Grow site Problem Solving, Rec. Site Development, Pallet orders on Bulk Nutrients and more!! Call today 

Slip Tube Greenhouse

 Slip Tube



This Greenhouse  is a very nice Gothic Style Non Bolted House with some Grow Equipment.. 30x100x15 Auto Light Dep with Grow Equipment is $36,850.00,,,Manual is $33,500.00 and a Regular Non LTD same size is $26,000.00 .

  • Pre-galvanized tubing.
  • Excellent corrosion-resistance.
  • Various sizes/styles, round and gothic roof shapes.
  • Slip-on connectors simplify installation.
  • Designed to withstand snow buildup and tailored specifically for Vancouver and Langley expected snow loads.
  • Large-scale operations for businesses; discounts on large orders.
  • Hobby/backyard custom-built options. 
  • Hoop houses, Quonset greenhouses, steel-framed greenhouses,  double-layered poly greenhouses with inflation fans, I-502 greenhouses,  and propagation greenhouses.
  • Height: 8’ to 20’
  • Width: 10’ to 34’ in 2’ increments. 
  • Length: Any.
  • Propan & gas heaters.
  • Roll-up side venting and roof venting. 
  • Greenhouses with double-layered polyethylene film require a small inflation fan to maintain pressure between the layer

Nexus "420 Hybred Tradidional Vail"


  • The Nexus Vail structure features the traditional peak style design ideal for growing or retail space.
  • The standard 6/12 roof pitch allows for maximum snow shed and enhances interior condensate control.
  • Adaptable to a variety of hard covering, styles of ventilation,  heating and cooling systems, environmental controls and shade systems to  optimize your growing or retail environment.
  • Natural ventilation is enhanced by using an Atrium vent which  allows for the best and most efficient cooling over traditional ridge  vents.

Agra-Tech Cold Frame

"The North Slope" designed to shed snow and allow maximum light into the greenhouse for Northern climates! This is a fantastic Greenhouse! 30 & 35  wide, any length.  Frame 35x60 with full truss is $9,500.00. End walls, shipping or grow equipment not included.

  Key Benefits  

  • Widths of 30' & 24'.
  • International Building Codes:
  • Code @ 4' On Center = 12# Live Load / 30# Ground Snow / 100 MPH Exposure "C"
  • Code @ 6' On-Center = 12# Live Load / 90 MPH Exposure "C"
  • Non-Code is also available (without Tie-Bars and webs).
  • 50,000 psi structural steel galvanized tubing is used throughout the North Slope.
  • Overall height of 15' at peak on the 30' and 12' at peak for the 24'.
  • Sidewall height: 6' for the 30', 4' for the 24'.
  • Arches 2 3/8" diameter.
  • 5 runs of "Z" shaped Condensate Purlins come standard on the 30' wide  house, 3 runs standard on the 24' wide house. The overlapping purlins  catch condensation and carry it to the end wall.
  • 1 3/8" Tie bars with 2 tubing webs for each arch on the Code houses.
  • Continuously arched gothic roof sheds snow & condensation more easily than flat gothic arch designs.
  • 4' or 6' on center arch spacing - rain will not form pockets on the roof to overload your house.
  • The taller peak allows more air volume which increases circulation and improves crop response.
  • Meets USDA - NRCS Tunnel requirements and is perfect for Northern Climates.

Grow your Future Year Round!

Greenhouses allow protection from the weather and more control over your crops!   Grow all year long no matter the weather!

Slip Tube Light Dep. for year round grow! These houses are sold in a minimum of 5 houses....for large Tier Grows!

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